Bill Kim’s New Line Of Specialty Products

Bill Kim, the master behind Urban Belly and Belly Shack, is set to invade your kitchen. Kim and his wife are creating Urban Belly Foods, a line of sauces and condiments that aims to help “demystify Asian food” for the intimidated home cook. First up, a soy balsamic that you may have salivated over already at Urban Belly, of which Kim says, “You can use this as a marinade, a dipping sauce. You can add water or oil and it becomes a dressing. It can be whatever you need it be. It’s a multi-purpose sauce. I want it to be like ketchup.” If all goes well (how could it not?) Kim hopes to expand his offerings to include ramen, rice bowls, marinated meats, lemongrass marinade, sambal, pho broth, chile coriander broth, and a Thai basil marinade. We’re already smitten. [Eater]

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