The AP Stylebook Food Section

Is it Bloody Mary or blood mary? Barbeque or barbecue? Is an amuse-bouche meant to be free? Oh, and what exactly is the proper format for recipe writing? All of these finicky culinary-isms and more are given a definitive answer in the AP Stylebook’s never-before-included 16-page food section in their 2011 edition. Such a food focused addition to the indomitable AP Stylelook is surely yet another indicator of our food fixated world. According to the AP “With all the cooking shows, blogs and magazines focusing on food, as well as growing interest in organic and locally sourced foods, our new food section feels timely and on trend… (the food section) reflects what we see anecdotally as a growing national interest in food writing and the need to answer language-based questions associated with that writing.” [Poynter]

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