Girl & The Goat Opening July 12

We don’t know about you but we are R-E-A-D-Y for the Girl & The Goat to open. The anticipation of Stephanie Izard’s restaurant has had everyone’s panties in a bunch and we’re thrilled to report that the official opening date is this Monday, July 12. Foodie stopped by the restaurant Wednesday night and we believe people will think it was worth the wait. This is definitely not a review, rather our first impressions of the Goat.

As we reported a few weeks ago, the small plates menu is broken down by category of “V,” “F” and “M” for vegetable, fish and meat, although there’s a lot of crossover in each category. For instance, the sauteed green beans (pictured) have a fish sauce vinaigrette; the seared scallops (mouthwatering, if we don’t mind saying) came with braised veal that honestly tasted like the braised brisket you wish your aunt could make for Rosh Hashana; the hiramasa crudo was accompanied by a crisp pork belly; and you can’t forget about the smoked goat pizza with crispy black kale (pictured). With everything we ate, the main point we took away was that there was just the right amount of each ingredient in the dish. The food was balanced and incorporated each flavor; nothing was there that wasn’t supposed to be.

The room was beautiful with a mellow yet friendly vibe and had an essence of campfire with the wood-burning oven working in the open kitchen. The staff (did they hire any ugly people?!) was on their game, although shortly after we sat down, the roasted beets and haricot vert meant for our neighbors was placed on our table; it seemed like an odd amuse. It motivated us to order it though.

Izard, who remained at the line expediting the food as it came up, was collected but definitely had a lot on her mind. We mentioned that the last thing we ordered was the seared triggerfish (pictured) atop a salt cod brandade with crispy potato chips. Her response? “Oh I created that earlier today.” Of course she did. 

While everything seemingly ran smoothly tonight, we hope they’re ready for the mad rush, because as soon as they start taking reservations at 10 a.m. Monday, they’re not going to know what hit them. Ready? Set? Hike!