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Lollapalooza 2011: Aug. 5-7

Have you even had a chance to recover from Lollapalooza? We haven’t either, but organizers C3 Presents have announced that the three-day music, and now food, festival will take place Aug. 5-7, 2011. 

Before we can even start thinking about who will headline and what restaurants will show up in Chow Town, we’d love to hear your feedback on the festival this year. Did you see Gaga? Green Day? Cut Copy? Arcade Fire? Phoenix? Hot Chip? X Japan? Erykah Badu???? And if you took in the offerings at Chow Town, what did you love? Seems that the lobster corn dog and elote from Graham Elliot and Big Star, respectively, were big hits. We loved the Sunda bao bun and tempura roll. What did you like?

And who would you want to see out there next year?

More Lollapalooza Chow Town Menus!

On Monday night, the veil was drawn back a bit to reveal just some of the fine eats we’ll feast on at Lollapalooza. Chef Graham Elliot Bowles hosted a party at his River North eatery and welcomed chefs and owners from a handful of restaurants and shops, including Sunda, Big Star, the Southern, Metropolis Coffee, More Cupcakes and Kuma’s Corner, who doled out bite-sized previews of what they’ll be serving at the festival. A who’s who of Chicago’s food and music worlds gathered to feast, drink and mingle among Lollapalooza producers, including founder Perry Farrell, and Spiaggia chef/partner and Top Chef Masters contestant Tony Mantuano.

Lollapalooza Chow Town Menus!

There’s something to be said for going into something—a movie, a concert, dinner—and not having any expectations because you know absolutely nothing about the flick, show or menu at any of the places. There’s an element of surprise that, when you’re generally in the dark about something, leaves the level of expectation low so that when you find yourself loving whatever it is you’re watching, hearing or eating, you like it that much more.

Well, we’re not letting that happen with Chow Town—because this year, the food is going to blow our minds and we want you to get excited for the food as much as the music. Foodie did a little scoping and we’ve obtained the menus for all the restaurants that Graham Elliot Bowles rounded up for Lollapalooza weekend.

Lollapalooza Nabs Big Star, Kuma’s, Sunda, Trotter and More

It’s official: Lollapalooza makes us hungry! It was announced this morning that chef Graham Elliot Bowles has pulled together some of the city’s best spots to offer the music-loving masses a higher-quality street food for on-the-go chowing at this year’s music fest—and we do think we’re giving San Francisco’s Outside Lands a run for best festival food. Last year, Bowles introduced his lobster corn dogs and for 2010 was tapped to fill the role of culinary director for Lollapalooza. And boy does he deliver. Sure, you’ll find some of the favorite eats from years past, but this year’s Chow Town takes things up a notch. How high? Let’s just say big names like Charlie Trotter, Paul Kahan and Bowles himself will deliver tasty treats during the three-day music extravaganza. We’ll be feasting on tacos from Kahan’s Big Star; tasty bits from Trotter’s to Go; burgers from Kuma’s; sausages from Franks ‘n’ Dawgs and more. Want the full list?