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Sunda Chef Aglibot Focusing on New Projects

Sunda chef Rodelio Aglibot, who moved to Chicago from Los Angeles to open the restaurant a little more than a year ago, told the Dining Diva that he’s moving more into a consulting role with Sunda to focus on new projects in New York and Los Angeles. Aglibot, also known as the Food Buddha, brought a Pan Asian flair to the River North menu that touches on a multitude of cuisines from China to Japan and Thailand to Korea. No other news on what said “projects” will be, but it’s safe to say, given the meals we’ve had, that they may be worth a trip to the coasts. If you want to get in there while he’s still helming the kitchen, be sure to book a meal at Sunda through Foodie to take advantage of our great offers there like a free sushi roll at lunch or complimentary post-work app in the bar. So, since he’s going to be working in LA, do we think it’s possible that Aglibot will be the next chef from Chicago to get a TV show?